Take a moment to pause this week as we enter a new season to acknowledge and appreciate all that you are and all that has brought you to this moment.
With tenderness, let's explore three unexpected ways this deep wounding reveals its presence in our lives and our work.
The not so often discussed cost of choosing a different path when it come to conditioning around money, work, and worth as a woman.
From the practical to the mystical, I'm here for your questions...

February 2023

Video link: secret, or not so secret, language that thwarts your power as a woman in business. Let's change that.
Growth and change are the life blood of being human - let's find some grace and wisdom in the approach.
Reflections on walking with a word that guides you through the year and why it was so important this year in particular.
February Inner Circle Watch now (5 min) | A simple, beautiful practice to embody your intentions throughout the day.

January 2023

The honest perspective that makes navigating the challenges of your life, and business, a lot kinder.
Every aspect of your life is an opportunity to be more alive, more awake. Here's what I'm doing this coming year...
When change is top of everyone's mind, can you craft transformative practices that are deeply nourishing?
The inner circle message from spirit for January.