The Grandmothers

Permission to follow the call in support of pouring love and healing into your ancestral lineage.


At 18, I had just gotten sober (for the first time).

In my recovery process, I was doing a lot of writing. And in my writing, I was writing poetry. One day, I was sitting in contemplation and preparing to write poetry, and all of a sudden, in my mind's eye, this circle of women emerged. This enormous circle of women identified themselves as my ancestors, as my grandmothers.

The grandmothers told me in that vision that the healing that I would do in my life would impact them and would help to heal my lineage. That vision has stuck with me my whole life. That happened when I was 18 years old, and I am almost 52. And I have felt the grandmother's presence over the years when I have been doing particularly deep healing work in my own life; that vision has been a touchstone for me throughout the years.

And once I had a healer who told me I wasn't responsible for healing my ancestral line, and I certainly believe her. However, it has been a comfort for me to know that my ancestral lineage becomes healthier through the energetic and psychospiritual work I do for myself and my life. Because I know how difficult it can be for women to permit themselves to say yes to doing the healing work unless it's tied to something outside of themselves, like a job or a relationship.

I'd love for this to be your permission slip.

The healing work you do for you is, of course, for you first and foremost, but the ripples of your healing extend back into your ancestral lineage. And not only does it extend backward into your ancestral lineage, but it also ripples forward into the future - into the legacy you leave for your descendants.

If you are feeling called by your own grandmothers, by the persistent slippery patterns present in your life that just don't seem to be unraveled with everyday healing modalities, such as coaching or therapy, or if you are simply feeling called to bring more love, joy, and clarity to your life and your legacy, you are welcome to the circle of Lineage & Legacy - a four-week experience for conscious intuitive women who want to continue the good work of healing. Join us to honor clear and release persistent ancestral patterns and reclaim a greater sense of your innate wholeness.

What are your ancestors, or grandmothers, calling you toward? Tell me everything.